Mugan music group ?

Anyone here from Michigan or anyone that’s ordered or dealt with Mugan Music Group in Dearborn Michigan ?
Can you recommend them ?
Pack their stuff well for shipping ?
Reputable place ?

I’ve not heard of them before and they and Bentlys drum shop in Fresno have the same item I may pick up . The drum from both are new items .

I know of Bentlys and was in there while on the west coast last year and know friends that have ordered from them and I wouldn’t hesitate to order from them but the drum is 50 bucks more all said and done from Bentlys than at Mugan Music But I’d go with Bentlys if Mugan was not recommended. Anybody ???
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I’d highly recommend Bentley’s. They just reopened today. Call Dana about the price as there may be some wiggle room
Yup, been in the shop and know people who’ve purchased there 👍🏻. I called and spoke to Dana to see if he’d match the price of the one at Mugan . No dice . Couldn’t do any better on it .😢


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yea man Joseph there has worked me some great deals without me even asking for it. ive only ordered through reverb. though.
Thanks. And good to hear. So you just messaged them through the reverb site ? They do have a phone number but from what I can see they aren’t a brick and mortar store ? I’ll try em on phone today.