Muffled Drums


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Just to play devil's advocate here, I was listening to Adele's 21 and there's some really great drumming on there, but the drums are heavily dampened in most cases. One of the drummers, a guy named Chris Dave, is absolutely brilliant (as are the others). Check the playing at 3:55. Wow. So nuts on and super smooth.

Anyway, I'm digging the drum sound (even though it's not what I would normally do), but also wanting to shine a spotlight on a really great drummer.


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That's the beauty of drum sounds: there are so many, and they're each perfect in the right context.


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Adele 21 is one of my favourite 2010 album, such a great voice, and as you said, very cool drumming on the entire album.

That particular groove on "He Won't Go" has a Gadd-ish feel for me, could be the sound though, typicaly late 70's, but yeah! 3:55 nice, he's going across the bar line and fall back on the groove, difficult and tasty. :))