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Man I haven't been on here in a while...

Anyway, think I was last on here when I was applying to Music colleges around the states and canada, most notably William Paterson ( some might remember I posted a recording or two on here for evaluation!) . I got injured before I was to finish recording my last song so couldn't complete the application, bummer eh?
I've spent the last while working and saving up, I decided that I'll move away anyway for this whole music crack. And I have decided on Montréal, some teachers there I'd like to get some lessons off. I'm half way through the visa application and all that. For the sake of it, I'm still going to apply again this jan to those colleges I missed out on, for evaluation if anything.

I'm going to make sure I have videos posted before I head away, and try and get in contact with dj's or any rnb or jazz musos out there. But if not, it could get tough. I have a factory place a friend of mine mentioned to me, might get work there. I'll have about 5 grand going, so it'll keep me for a bit anyway.

Have any of you here done something like this? All I'm bringing are ,obviously, clothes and my cymbals. Its awkward being a drummer in this situation, with the kit issues and everything. I was thinking of staying in a hostel for a while, but then I'd have no where to put a kit ( if i buy a cheap one)

Then again, hostels could be good places to meet alike folk, and rent an apartment tof=gether or something. Don't really want to be shacking up with doctors and business students. Would like to be near artists ( they always seem to know where to go for things, music, musicians etc...) But I'm rambling.

Any advice or anything? Apart from bringing winter booties :) Planning on heading in feb.


Hey man,

Hostels are a great place for fun but not so good if your looking to move in with people.

I'd recommend looking into local unis/rent share places before you go same goes with looking for a job.

I was in Paris earlier in the year and couldn't find anywhere to live due to various reasons (not being able to have a complete dossier, the fact there's a housing shortage in paris and since I went in the busiest time of the year!).

Good-luck it will be a great adventure.


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Hey Funky Crepe, I'm from Montreal. But since I live 20minutes from "centre ville" I'm not a real Montrèalais. I've been out of the loop for the last few years but if I can help in some way look me up.
You're making a good choice coming to Montreal. It's a great place for music but I think you probably know more about the music scene then me. It's very multi-cultural and although it's a french city you can get by without it. But you will really need it to get to the next level and open more doors. French Canadians have a very big arts community compared to other cities in north America basically because they have to cater to themselves. Unlike the French from France they don't have a love/hate relationship w/US culture - they just don't like it here, so they make there own and rightly so I guess (you didn't hear this from me).
Hope to hear from you...and don't forget your waterproof winter boots...
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Yeah I've been looking for a place on craigslist and things like that Sam. I really don't want to go over there with no place to live! :p And I've started brushing up on my french, even though I know Montréal french is very different to french french! The main reason I want to go there is because it seems like such a culturally rich place, and very cosmopolitan. Which is what you need to make good music.

And I love Max Sansalone, wouldn't mind getting a lesson or two from him.

"Make sure you put in some time on boulevard st.catherine...... Lots of good and bad there"

Thats what I have heard Toolate! Seems like the main area for fun but can also be a bit .... seethy! Which I suppose is of all great city centres

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Do some research on Plateau Mont-Royal, one of the coolest neighborhoods in North America.
Yeah, le rue st denis seems like the best place to go to out of the four main places. St Catherine, saint laurent and crescent street. Gotta brush up on the old french if I'm to live or hang around st denis!