Moving to Berlin!


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Hello everyone,
In a week I will be moving to Berlin with my girl.She found her dream job and I thought why not, take the job and i' ll come along!We will be staying at a place in Dahlem for a couple of months until we find a place to rent(still somewhere close though)The reason i post here of course is not to give you an update on my personal status :p I have been working for a few years now as a session musician and by moving to Berlin I will propably need some time for networking until I manage to get some gigs again.
So my question is how can I get acces to a drum set to practice? (for example pay some money at a music school to gain acces to a practice room, any cheap studio/drum room where I can study.All ideas are welcome of course!)

I will buy a new drum set as soon as possible or ship mine but until then... :)


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Cool, fun! It's supposed to be a happening place these days. I'm visiting there in a couple of weeks after some gigs in Belgium, so if anyone knows of any good jazz jam sessions that happen early in the week, I'd like to hear about that, too.


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Uncle Sam sent me on a two year vacation to Berlin in 1969. I loved that city. When I was there they had this silly wall down the middle of the place. I would love to go back. Have fun. K'dam here you come.