Moving on from Evans Genera Dry...


Hi all,

Been playing the Genera Dry on my 14x8 Pearl Modern Utility since November and feel a change is in order. Its not that I dislike the Evans, I just feel I could be getting more out of the drum with something else.

Local music store has quite a good selection of heads and I've narrowed it down to the following:

Evans G2 / Remo Emperor
Remo Emperor X
Remo Powerstroke 3
Remo Powerstroke 77 colortone
Remo Vintage Ambassador

As you can see I'm moving more towards the 2 ply end, as from what I've read here these will give me the deep thud I need in JAW tuning. I was going to go Emperor X but someone on another forum suggested this is only good in the mid to high tuning range - is there much truth in this?

Given the choice above what would you guys pick?




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Ever tried just basic G2 over G1? I don't find most of the fancy head things all that helpful really.


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For maximum versatility, I would recommend a standard, coated single ply head like an Evans G1, UV1 or Remo Ambassador. The reason I say that is you can always add to your snare to lower the pitch and fatten up the sound (O-Rings, duct tape, a wallet, those "Big Fat" overlays etc). Unfortunately, you can't really go the other way (make a 2 ply head ring and have the crack and sustain of a single ply). Just my two cents.


And an Evans hydraulic is too …? Or it lacks Stick attack, maybe? It’s pretty thuddy.
I like them on higher tuning than that (probably medium-low for most), these are flexible heads and don't have the boxy attack that plagued many other 2-ply heads for me. But they'll become very dead if you don't apply enough tension to "activate" the oil layer (like if you take it out of the box and lightly tap on it it barely makes a sound), so for JAW tuning it might be too much dampening for the OP.
My favourite all-round snare batter head is the Vintage A, tuned medium or medium-low. Very balanced sounding with lively overtones I just don't want to dampen (think of an Avedis Zildjian ride cymbal). My only experience with JAW is with an Aquarian MV head. I remembered liking the sound, but couldn't play a drag roll to save my life on it. :unsure:


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I have Genera Dry's on my snares. I'd suggest trying the Power Stroke 3. It seems sorta similar in design and I love them on Kicks and toms.


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Just a Genera. I have tried numerous heads over the years but always come back to the plain Genera (Not the dry)

Bo Eder

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Save up $100, then go buy one of each and try them out, then report back.

I’m an Emperor guy, but I came to that conclusion after I went through my experimental phase.

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