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hey everyone. i currently have a ludwig accent combo kit. my hit tom is currently attached to the bass drum, but i've never really liked it in that position and have been looking for a way (cheap way) to mount it. i found out that i could take the rod out of the bass drum and attach it to a cymbal stand using one of these...

is this a good decision? sorry if its stupid but i just dont want to buy it and then not have good results.

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That's great idea if you can better position the tom for playing. Or you can use a snare drum stand for the tom.
Snare drum stand will be sturdier. I did the same thing you did with two toms. There was a balance issue, and the stand was bending. I also found my cymbal placement became very limited.

You could also buy a tom stand with one arm.

I use the DW tom stand, but for you a snare stand would be cheaper (I think).
I hang my 14" off a cymbal stand with a clamp similar to that with no problems. I've also run my 10" tom off a cymbal stand by my hats with no problems. I think it depends on how sturdy your stands are you want to clamp off of. I'm running yamaha 900 series hardware so not much of a problem with sturdiness there.