Mounting Pearl rocket toms


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Hi all,

I have two Pearl rocket toms and have been struggling since i got them to mount them in a comfortable position. I would love to mount them above my hats so that with fills they flow more nicely into the rest of the toms, but with the (bulky) Pearl hardware it's kind of hard to do. Tama has a better mounting system for that, but isn't compatible with Pearl hardware. Does anyone have advice?

I'm thinking of getting 2 'Gibraltar SC-EA-100 Holding' for each rocket tom and cut up a 7/8" pipe to mount them individually from my DR-80 rack (the cut up pipe then clamps into the adapter so i can mount the rocket tom), but perhaps there is an easier way?


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Ever thought of mounting them under the hats like Thomas Lang does? Then they're closer to you & might be more stable.
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Yeah, i had them in a similar position but i disliked that position. Think i'm going to go with the 'solution' i posted above. Time to order some stuff :)