Mounting LP granite blocks to Gibraltar rack


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So these granite blocks have a really lame mount. Essentially a V shaped side up against the frame with wingnuts on both ends. I've tried a cymbal stand post but they're generally too thin. I tried taping up the post to thicken it, but still the granite blocks have a tendency to spin around the post as there is no way to get a nice tight grip.

You can kind of see the mount here

I'd just like a solid solution that's flexible so I can preferably change angles, raise/lower and get them in the right spot on the rack and where the things will stay put. Thanks!


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Just a design flaw with LPs mounts; they also have that stupid mount for some of their percussion trap tables.

Dear LP: It's 2014...

Anyway, try getting a lock that works, or get a thin piece of rubber and place it underneath the mount before tightening.

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How about getting a hammer a gently flattening the bracket out? I'll bet you could flatten it out slightly so it would sit on a narrower pipe.


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Those may work, and I appreciate the ideas, I was just hoping there might be some sort of clamp out there that would work to make this fully adjustable. Clamping it on a vertical pipe is limiting, would rather be able to stick it on a boom arm for example and change the angle, etc like you'd do with a cymbal. It is a pretty silly design if they're still making them the same way (I've had these for probably 20 years though).


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6 years later and I'm just now looking at this again...... I wonder what the link above was to that I said it just might work cause it's now a dead link! :D
I didn't even remember I made this post, I was searching the forum for a solution and found my old post.


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I'd take a mounting plate off a RIMS (or rims type) system, and attach it to the LP bar (using the three upper holes). Then use whatever tom arm and drum mount you choose (hopefully something robust) mounted below it.



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I have no problems mounting my granite blocks to a cymbal stand. What is your issue, exactly?
it spins and slides eventually. it's sat in my basement for near 20 years because i was never able to get a satisfactory mount to work.


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Put a piece of rubber like the inner tire from a bike between the clamp to reduce slippage.
I used this years back to clamp smaller cymbal arms in the PC-8 clamps on my rack. Never moved or slipped that way.