Mounting gretsche toms


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Pretty sure you'll need 12.7mm L-arm brackets. You can attach the brackets to cymbal stands on either side like in this picture.



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Yes, you will need 12.7mm L-Arms. Gibraltar and DW make them. DW, all of their L-Rods are 12.7mm. Gibraltar makes multiple sizes, so make sure you buy the correct size. Gretsch L-Rods can also be found too.


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You can attach them to cymbal stands as in the picture above. You can also mount them to a tom stand. Go to the Gibraltar Hardware website and look around. Gibraltar also has helpful videos on Youtube. Peace and goodwill


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Bought a few Gibraltar stands and a decent throne.
I was going to buy a few additional Tom's..but the pricing for individual drums,plus the gretch brackets equals more than the cost of a complete new set.
The drums sound great,big and beefy tone with the emperor heads.
Bet if I swap them out for ambassadors,I can get a whole different sound.
Seriously considering buying a complete second set and leave them in the original boxes.
Bet I can make a nice profit in 10 years.
Compared the shells to Catalina maples and the Marquees are so much heavier.
These are really under appreciated.
Can't beat the five piece set with mounting clamps and Remo emperor's for $789.