Most Under-rated Drummers


Jason Dorn

finnhiggins said:
Hell, you can come visit my house anytime :) I like your calls. Danny Heifetz is great, but if you're going to mention him you also have to get William Winant in there, they work so well together - probably the most creative drummer/percussionist pair I can think of.
Heifetz is amazing I'm listening to California right now. Heifetz and Winant are even more amazing live the interplay between them is unreal. Just noticed Fisher in the reply above Fisher and Heifetz definetly get my vote they are both incredible drummers with a style that crosses multiple genres that are not well known.
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Loyola lax

Matt Tong from the band Bloc Party. He's pretty creative with the beats he uses.


Josh Epperd from "Coheed and Cambria" is extremely under-rated. his playing is perfect in every song. Never overplaying and never underplaying (listen to "in keeping secrets of silent earth: 3" or "the crowing". I'm really anticipating there new CD. Also check out his Hip-Hop project "Weerd Science".

And "The Black Dahlia Murder"s new drummer Zach Gibson. Some amazing poly-rhythms and chops.



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MIke Bordin from faith no more, Unique style, super fast foot, and just beats the bag out of the drums, Faith no more was my favorite band to see live


I love Scott Phillips, the ex drummer of creed (I guess he plays in alter bridge now) he plays the beat but he also adds lots of little fills and cymbals crashes. he reminds me alot of my style of playing...he's one of those drummers that I look up to him alot.
Scott Underwood of Train, very very good music.

i also agree with Jeff Porcaro being a drummers drummer, many ppl listen to his drumming and ppl influeced by his drumming without knowing it.


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didn’t read the whole thread but dave abruzze and josh freese for sure

I know I spelled both names wrong don’t have time to look them up …


Damon Che (ex-Don Caballero)

absolutely incredible musician. the five Don Cab records are astounding, and you only need to go here to listen to this MP3 (the beautiful 'Oh, Suzanna' in which Che plays all instruments) to see what he's capable of.


Kai Hahto from wintersun is definitly underated(atleast in the US he is.) he is in the band Wintersun. he doenst do like very complicated parts, though he does have some very challenging parts in certain songs) but the parts he has fit the music perfectly. he is very fast specialyl at double kick and he is very percise. also part of the reason SOME of his parts are not extrmely compmicated is because he does such lenghty songs that in order to play the parts flawlessly he has to make sure he can paly his parts perfectly. he a very musical drummer and he always thinks of the song.

he is also in a few otheprojects such as "Max and the Rox" and with his own group called "Rotten Sound". he also plays with a finish jazz singer,Bianca Morales.


hi serious cat that will not be underrated when the show Rockstar INXS is over is Nate Morton......who is this monster?....he has been the main reason for me watching the show...kickin' beats, groovy double bass, stick spins, and awesome taste.......the rest of the house band are truly scarry players as well.

bald guy

...hmmm... Scott Churilla w/The Reverend Horton Heat, smokin' drummer and FAST! Great thread.


Mike Joyce of The Smiths.Great tasteful drumming on 'Strangeways here we come.' .Danny from Mr Bungle for definate.A real cracker.

Hey Finnhiggins,If you like really lame guitar boys,have you heard of the dreadful James Blunt???? I nearly had to punch the screen when typing out his name then !!!!! What is going on? What the hell is going on? Don't know his drummer! LOL.


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Steve Williams is one of the the most underrated drummers out there: Most of you have probably never heard of him -- pick up a Shirley Horn album with Steve Williams on it to hear some of the swingingest, most tasteful jazz drumming ever.


I wouldn't say he's under-rated.

crazydrummer14 said:
william calhoun (Living Colour) is probably one of the most under-rated drummers out there
his beats and fills are amazing


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I could not agree more with you, BigBang. I don't think Jackson is underated, it's just that kids today don't know about him, and Bernard Purdie, and Jerome "Bigfoot" Brailey", Sly Dunbar, Carlton "Santa" Davis, and I could go on naming even more names but kids wouldn't know them. And I'm 17, so I what what my peers know about Funk, R&B, Reggea, Ska and Jazz, hardly anything.
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More unknown than anything else, Lucius Borich from Australian band Cog. He is a real good player and makes some really nice rhythms. If you like bands like Tool and APC you should check them out - - you can download thier 1st two EP's and it plays some of the tracks from thier latest album on the front page.


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i say this because I was not familiar with him, but recently i discoverd Sean Rickman...I watched this video and was in awe of his control, groove, and ideas...Not to mention he wrote every part in the song...Hope you enjoy...
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