Most impressionable bar band.

Well, not exactly at a bar (I was 13) ..... but I rode my bike over to Hamilton Park (in Pasadena) and saw this guy (his name, I found out later, was Alex Van Halen) playing in the park. Band was called Genesis, at the time. His brother was also in the band. I hear he got pretty famous, too. (y) :LOL:

Same summer, saw a band called Red Ball Jet, at the Sierra Madre Recreation Center. Lead singer was David Lee Roth. I guess he went on to bigger and better things, as well. :ROFLMAO:
I used to know some of the guys in the Sub Dudes, They were from New Orleans. Peace and goodwill.
Nothing amazing for me, my old man saw Free, Jeff Lynne & The Moody Blues at pub gigs.

Slade used to practice at his school
I used to see Blackfoot playing the clubs in the area circa 1975. They used to pass out cotton balls at the sound board, because they were deafeningly loud. I got to know all of them. They shared a house in Schooley's Mountain near Hackettstown. This was just prior to release of their first album.
Wasn't Eric in Stuff...with Gadd?.

I'm not sure about much good on topics like that anymore with my memory. Sad to feel it going.