Mos Def... Interesting Kit Configuration


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He's a Brooklyn MC and one of my top 5 favorites of all time (genre non-specific). It's a live performance on Jools Holland. He's doing a tune called "Quiet Dog". The thing that caught my attention was he first did the song on Letterman (when the album originally came out last year) and was just playing a couple of tympani drums. Now he's got kit that I don't know, all I can describe it as is a modern day upright cabana kit (I think that's the right terminology). Gretsch lovers may enjoy this especially.


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That snare looks a lot like mine. Amazing the amount of snap he gets out of it with a tympani mallet. Kind of standing up behind a conventional kick and snare. Doesn't save space like a cocktail kit, but it does let him be seen. Just leave the hats closed like a double bass drummer, and he relies on the stacked china thing anyway.