Morning! Genuinely seeking advice on how to improve my written music skills (gym class by lil peep rip)

Not gonna lie, this took me nearly 6 hours to do, wanted to give up several times a long the way. Always wanted to be able to play along to songs when I was younger and just starting playing; wasn't very good and didn't practice good habits really just bad time not play with metronome or write music etc immature stuffs. Granted, the majority of this piece by lil peep rip isn't TOO hard, id say it falls middle ground like bottom intermediate. The 32nd stuff on the hi hat maybe a little more advanced? It's a moderate tempo so it makes sense and I feel like these days people are really into like, well faster subdivisions at moderate tempo as opposed to fast tempo and slower subdivisions .

Anyway, if you check out the crude writings I did on MS paint lol, I'm good with it, it'll work. Maybe if I get super pro I can afford some better equipment. I can definitely read it, but it looks kind of sloppy. Was wondering how I could improve; also if time permits, take a listen to the actual piece, and correct it! That could be good practice for all? Maybe this is a really simple exercise my fault.

I wrote some notes down of where I had no idea really couldn't hear it on the headphones, couldn't be sure if it was eights or sixteenths specifically on the HIHAT closed right hand hits. Like I could hear the 32nds early on in the beginning where its just hi hat hits, but then it drowned out after the introduction of the other heads/cymbals.

Thanks for your time and have a great day.


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Looks good to me, but honestly I couldn't hear the hi hat in the recording at all.
If it works for you that's all that matters. These days I only write out certain parts of songs, or make note of odd parts.

It never occurred to me to try Paint... I do okay by hand, but really wish I could print out some music neatly.

One of the standard music software programs is having a "back-to-school sale", but it's not easy to learn so far.
Damn, thanks for the feedback guys!

Lol ya paint is my go to man, never got into photoshop. Problem though is good luck trying to print it in a readable fashion haha. I haven't figured out how yet but I got a copy to work with.

I'm not sure if that's the old copy but, I completed it fully. The first draft was missing a lot of 16th triplets/32nd within one beat combos.

Oh yeah, the file size is greater so it's the final copy.

I'm starting small, and simple. I haven't played in almost 3 years and, man am I enjoying it so much again. It really gives me purpose. I doubt this genre of music is something most people are into but, I think we can agree the beats are trippy as hell! I mean, for barely 2 minutes of drums in this piece by "bones," I was shocked to see partial 32nds and 16th note partials within the same beat, forget about the bar itself lol. Check it out, it's short and I'm pretty sure it's accurate. If you see anything I missed or incorrect lemme know. Song is just under 2 mins, and this is what I've been practicing first, since it's short and relatively easy to play because of the slow tempo. I love it though at this speed each 16th note becomes it's own individual note sounding whereas at faster tempos, in my ears anyway, it's more meshed

Also, kind of off topic. Is this something I can be proud of myself for? Being able to do this? I always wanted to be able to play my favorite songs on the drumset when I was in high school, but never put in the work to get there. I think part of it was not having the mechanical skill either. I finally took drum lessons for 3 years in college under a fantastic skilled teacher, Gabe Jarrett. He was the one who taught me about drum music theory and writing it out and all this. I know it's a silly question, but I've spent the last nearly 10 years trying to be a professional video game player, and it makes me wonder if I spent that much time on the throne, how good at drums I"d be right now.

Anyway, looking at cat soup again, looks like theres a few things off, and i forgot i had questions about writing here. I forgot how to connect those individual beats where it's two eighth notes on the hi hat, followed by two 32nds on the "a" of the beat. I wrote it in a way i could understand but im almost certain it's incorrect. THanks !

Also, here's my sound cloud, now that I can play drums again I can record:

Really appreciate all the support so far and, let's improve on drums together


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Sup guys, I can play cat soup. But not 100%.

I remember an exercise Gabe taught me back in college where, you take a groove, then dissect each instrument individually. Then add each layer over it.

So like you would just play the hi hat part a few bars, then add the bass, then add the snare last most likely since it's only two notes, to really feel the in betweens of each note and the timing and stuff, what it sounds like.

It was Benny Greb who said to be able to play fast, or play something complicated, or play something you're unfamiliar with, you need to be able to hear it that way.

I'm gonna move on to gym class in a few days, I don't think I'll need more time to fully master the grooves in cat soup. I absolutely love the one bar towards the end where there are 16th note triplets on the upbeat of 2 and downbeat of 3 on the hithat, fucking nasty (xcuse language) up to speed guys. Really twangs some neural connections in my brain there.

Guys, what would really help me, is if someone could identify the tempo in the actual song "Cat Soup - Bones"

I can play the corresponding associated chart @ 55 max right now. I'm headed to the drumset right now to practice but I think if i don't mind the tapping and loudness I can probably play @ 57 or 58 by the evening clean. The actual song sounds considerably slower than that.



Going through gym class chart a few times just now, I noticed missing a lot of faster subdivisions on the hi hat, in a lot of parts that are written as just two eighths. Something to fix later on, I feel like gym glass is a step harder than cat soup. The tempo is faster, using actually the same subdivisions pretty much lol 16th triplets and 32nds (16th doubled as i like to think of it when playing if possible).

I feel like it's more structured also and a lot longer

For anyone interested i'm cleaning up the paint charts using musescore, completely free. A little tricky to use at first but onc you get the hag of it super easy.


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