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Okay, so I've dug backwards a few pages and haven't found a thread for Morgan (which was expected) so I figured I'd start my own. If an existing thread IS out there obviously I have no problem with this one being closed, merged, whatever. Otherwise, dissect my inaccuracies at your own discretion.

Basically, I dug up a video after having known that he existed for a while that I found really cool from Carl King featuring interviews from a few other guys which basically explains part of what I may try to. ( The enclosed link is for a kickstarter which had already closed I believe so I don't think it really constitutes advertising or anything... but anyway.

From what I gathered, Morgan's excelled in most every genre of music I listen to. Mats/Morgan frequented multiple genres, although they were primarily prog from what I've heard, but you hear a lot of jazz and electronica as well by those guys. I think they were quite excellent, especially considering Mats Oberg (the keyboardist) is blind. I've heard touches of Crimson and Mahavishnu by those guys through the course of one song. His project with Devin Townsend is supposed to be pocket playing and I believe it's going to be rock with heavy traces of country... he's also played with eccentric geniuses like Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart although those artists only had him for a song each iirc. In addition to playing with Frank, he was the guy to win the only Zappa grammy I could think of after Zappa had sadly passed away, he played with Dweezil on that album as well. Then there's Sol Niger Within, the predecessor to the Meshuggah "craze," which was imho a far more genuine attempt at the metal genre than Vinnie himself has made, although Megadeth was pretty nice too.

I realize he has received quite a bit of praise from professionals despite being unknown by virtually everyone I know. I'm not sure how many people share that experience, but I've always found that incredibly odd. I've dug up praise from quite a few guys other than the people on the video, including Zappa, Gavin Harrison, and maybe even Bruford, and I'm sure I'm forgetting quite a few and there are more hidden in the shadows... but if you're interested in his story or this topic please feel free to add more (this is probably already bordering tl;dr,) he's personally tied with Coluita and Bozzio as my favorite Zappa drummer (if you could call him that) just because he's so exhilarating and versatile in his playing.
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Yes I do find it quite peculiar as to which drummers have threads created for them and those who do not. I can't say I look at this subforum much, however Ågren is very fun to watch! As you've noted he's also very versatile, I'd say he's certainly one of my favorite drummers.
Yeah, I think that's the one people see if people get to see Agren more often than not. I do love that track though, no doublebass and he can still make metal exciting like very few can, I'd say outside Carey but I'd think he knows better and he is apparently jealous of Agren lol (see link in the OP.)

So anyway, here's him playing something more towards the opposite end of the spectrum:

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I love Morgan!

I have a mats/Morgan album and it's very interesting.

Also love sol niger within.
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That's a really great track, I hadn't heard it before, thanks for posting it! I agree on carey btw. agren seems to have a looser style, i think his time keeping is excellent.

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That Devin Towsend album he did, Casualties of Cool, turned out fantastic. Morgan really does sit back in the pocket and just carry the music. But if you listen you can hear him doing some really cool stuff. There's even (if my understanding is correct that it's all Morgan) some minimalistic polyrhythmic stuff going on in the track Pier. I think it's potentially my favourite release from Mr. Agren. I just love that he's so laid back, so solid, does his little creative things where appropriate. He's capable of cutting lose and bending minds, but here he just mostly playing basic stuff really adeptly. And to me, that showcases how truly adaptable and musical he is.

It's also worth mentioning that he's been the drummer for Swedish prog rock band Kaipa since 2000. Some really tasteful, fantastic drumming there.