Morello on Take 5


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I've heard this song maybe 100 times. Today was the first time I actually listened to the drum solo.

What a great piece of jazz drumming. I've always known it to be 5/4 but never really listened to the way he made the solo section a 10/4 phrase just in the same way the sax melody line (Paul Desmond) does (did RIP).

Probably discussed before, but I love it when you here something for the first time, even if it is your 101st listen! There's also a lot of reverb/echo, which gives it a great atmosphere. The kick is cannonic.

Forgive me, I'm in Stavanger in Norway and I need a bit of company!



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I'm listening to the rest of Dave Brubeck's greatest hits and I'm just bowled over my Morello's playing. The bass is so straight and simple and it gives Morello the perfect stage to enhance the compositions.

My parents had this record and I remember listening to this album as a kid. 42 years ago. I was 8.



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I have been a fan of Joes since high school(68-72).I actually took 2 drum lessong from Joe about 18 years age when he and Jim Chapin were teaching in Staten Island.Great teacher and just a great guy too.About six months later,Joe and Danny Gottlieb did a clinic,and Joe played along to Take 5(taped) did an extended solo,he used sticks,mallets,brushes,and his hands. He then (after catching his breath) explained the what and how to of his thinking about his famous solo.The cost was 20 dollars US..the experience,was priceless.

And Danny was ok too....

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