More new drums!


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That piano black finish is so much nicer than the matte black in the Design Series. I don't understand why this only a limited run finish

Because Piano Black is one of the hardest finishes to get right even today.

Black is also a more expensive paint from what I remember.

Matte black is almost the opposite.

There is a reason Yamaha is king of the quality finishes and especially the Piano Black finish.


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Even with those funky new live oak custom textured finishes? 🤮
They may not be everyones taste (I don’t prefer most of them either) but still they outdo other brand’s finishes in therms of build wuality and durability.

The fact that they can make textured laquered finishes like on the Live Custom, PHX, Club Custom (and even the lower line Rock Tour Custom in the past) in a durability not even brands like DW can accomplish (or where they would opt for a wrap), says everything about their build.

And that comes from someone who invested over 6k in a full custom DW kit.
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This just showed up on my local Craigslist. Don’t need it.... shouldn’t do it.... nah not going to do it... wait am I doing this? The wife... how can I fly it under her radar. Send her away to the spa down the street for a relaxing ladies day while I wheel and deal on these? Very tempting.
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