More bounce in a wood-stipped stick?


Hi guys and girls.

I recently changed my primary stick from a Regal Tip Rock model with nylon tip to the Zildjian Dennis Chambers model with wood tip.

I was always pro nylon for the brighter cymbal sound, but I immediately noticed the Chambers sticks gave me a lot more bounce on every surface - drumhead, cymbal, even cowbell. Is it normal that wood-tipped sticks do this, or is it just coincedence?

I also changed from Regal Tip Jazz nylon to Zildjian Jazz wood and felt the same response, although not as pronounced.

Thanks for any responses!

Big Foot

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I've just picked up a pair of Regal Jazz nE series ( it has a grooved nylon tip) figuring it was the same stick as the Regal Jazz (but w/a nylon tip). But it's not, it has a thinner longer tapered shoulder. And the nE feels way springier! Great bounce.
But I have found that long-tapered shouldered sticks do seem to feel faster.


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I agree, it's the taper of the stick, not tip material that is giving you more rebound. A stick with a thicker shoulder will be more front-heavy, giving a little less rebound but increasing power, and the opposite is also true.