Moongel - yet another use for it!


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K.. I play in a lot of bands and rely on an iTouch with the App 'Metronome' by Frozen Ape to manage the ever changing lists of setlists and to nail the tempos everytime in under 3-4 seconds between tunes... it's priceless. In any case, I've often had to McGiver some weird way to position the iTouch so I can see it and reach it quickly.. and not have it slide off a kick drum onto the floor etc.

Well... roll of the drums please - I found the solution;

Place a clean piece of Moongel on the top of the kickdrum and lay the iTouch down on top of it. It doesn't move or wobble or slide off!
Case closed!


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Oooh! I'm using the LiveBPM app on my old smartphone to keep myself right during gigs. I think it might be getting positioned atop the old bass drum this evening, albeit using Wincent Tone Gel which is pretty much the same stuff. I'm amazed I didn't think of that myself as I used a blob of it the other week to secure the same phone on my car dashboard to project my Satnav directions "Head Up Display" style onto the car windscreen


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It's a good idea but that stuff stains.
I wouldn't put it on anything that isn't a plastic wrap and then I might still be cautious.


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Yes it will leave a mark on a drum head over time.. maybe a piece of clear tape on the shell might help avoid any possibility of staining the finish..

and speaking of the metronome app - I find it's great not only for managing setlists.. but also for getting the band locked into the right tempo quickly in practice. The cool thing is that it gets the tunes and tempos locked in your head much faster, so after a while you can call them up pretty much bang on everytime (without the metronome). The key thing is even though it gives you a meter.. you still need to call up the key melody line in your head really fast to make sure it sits right in the tempo. Do that on a regular basis and it's locked in.. no band discussions about too slow or too fast.. it just never comes up. The Metronome App is the best $3 I ever spent!.. and to think I once spent $175 on a crappy Yamaha metronome that was a bear to program and it died after the warranty expired!