Monty Python Fans


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I'm a big fan of course, although I am an equally big if not even bigger fan of its spiritual predecessor the Goon Show...any fans of that here? And then there's related things like the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band who were part of the same 'scene' as it were.

I tend to think of these things as part of a lineage which to my reckoning starts with Edward Lear but maybe it goes back further than that. Swift, perhaps?
Another Goonite here (no surprise here!). I used to listen to it in the car with my Dad.

I think 'The Phantom Head Shaver' is probably my favourite.

As for Python? I've watched the films (obviously) but I've only ever caught parts of the television series. The Fish-slapping sketch is my favourite visual sketch in anything I've ever seen but I need to explore deeper.


I just remembered 'Cheese Shop'. That gets me into absolute fits of giggles.


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"We've found a witch...may we burn her?"

"She turned me into a newt....I got better!"

"He must be a king...he ain't go shit all over him!"

"Bring out Your Dead! But I'm not dead yet. You will be!"

"One, Two, Five! Three, Sir! Three!"

Shall I go on???? lol. Love me some Monty Python. The Holy Grail being my favorite. If you're a true fan, you'll pay as much attention to the credits as you do the movie...they're hilarious! I have seen Spam-a-Lot as well...fantastic.

George Harrison was a huge supporter of the group. If you haven't seen his memorial concert, look up the Lumberjack song done during the show with Tom Hanks. He also appeared on the Flying Circus a couple of times, I believe.


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King Arthur: Old woman.
Dennis: Man.
King Arthur: Man, sorry. What knight lives in that castle over there?
Dennis: I'm 37.
King Arthur: What?
Dennis: I'm 37. I'm not old.
King Arthur: Well I can't just call you "man".
Dennis: Well you could say "Dennis".
King Arthur: I didn't know you were called Dennis.
Dennis: Well you didn't bother to find out did you?
King Arthur: I did say sorry about the "old woman", but from behind you looked...
Dennis: What I object to is you automatically treat me like an inferior.
King Arthur: Well I am king.
Dennis: Oh, king eh? Very nice. And how'd you get that, eh? By exploiting the workers. By hanging on to outdated imperialist dogma which perpetuates the economic and social differences in our society.


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I think my favourite is the Four Yorkshiremen.

When I was young The Goons were often on the radio but I've never been able to understand what they said. Radio subtitles, anyone?


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Another Python devotee here. i have all the tv series & movies on DVD, and they get a regular airing. There were hit-and-miss at times, but more often than not they were brilliant.

I have this site in my favourites, as it has all the scripts & lots of images from pretty much everything they did.


I think Monty Python is one of those "love me or hate me" type of things. People either hate the show and find it stupid or absolutely adore it. I'm in the second group!