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I buy any electronic cables I need from this company and they sell other stuff as well. I'm trying to get a video of these cymbals. The price is crazy.

This 16" crash/ride cymbal is hand made from high-purity B20 bronze (80% copper, 20% tin). Because it is hand made, each cymbal is a unique instrument with a unique tone. However, it is designed to produce a clear, explosive, and penetrating tone with long sustain.
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My everyday-use earphones are by Monoprice - I got them cause they were cheap but they actually sound really good!


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I watched the video Al linked of the whole set up. Hard to get a clear idea since he took the video with a cell phone. I know they are described as B20 but I really find that hard to believe and they sounded just like cheap brass to my ears. I've heard worse, but I'd pass.


I just saw a clip on YouTube, and these actually sound really good.


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It sounds good. The ride is no longer avaiable on the Monoprice website, nor do I see it at Walmart at this time.