Monitoring audio from two computers?


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Hey guys, I have a "problem" that I was hoping I could get a help little solving. So I have two computers. One I use to record, track etc. (my main interface is hooked up to this one).

The other computer is mainly used for music/audio that I play to.

I would like to consolidate and only monitor through a single pair of in-ears.

What would I need to monitor both computers at once?

I did a little research so far and the consensus seems to be a small mixer.

Given my lack of technical competency, I don't really know if that works for my situation, or how I would hook that up.

here's my interface:

***My main computer would be using this for in/outs and the other would have to use the 1/8" head phone jack.

here's that mixer that I would probably get if that is what I, in fact, need:
Behringer Xenyx 802 4-channel Analog Mixer

thank you to anyone that can help me out!