Module upgrade?


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I've had edrums for over 15 years (going all the way back to a TD-5 kit!). I presently use a TD-10exp with a DIY A-E conversion that looks and triggers great. I gig with acoustic drums in larger venues but use my electronics in smaller venues. When gigging my electronic drums, I use all acoustic cymbals (I'm not a caveman cymbal-masher), so, all I'm really triggering is bass, snare, and three toms. When gigging, I send the bass and snare through individual direct outs (giving the soundguy individual control) and all three toms through the master out. Most of my practice is on edrums, so I use the cymbal inputs while at home.

I am considering upgrading my module. The TD-30 is out of my price range. I am considering a TD-12 -- I have heard the sounds are the same as the TD-20, the main difference being the number of sliders and outputs. Will the TD-12, with the primary emphasis on drum sounds due to my application, offer a very dramatic improvement over my TD-10? I am a tweeker. I have spent hours tweaking my kits using all the features of the TD-10. I have read the TD-10 manual countless times, and even downloaded and studied the TD-12 manual. I am happy overall with the TD-10 sounds -- my band mates often comment, "Your drums sounded GREAT tonight" whether using my acoustic or electronic kit. The biggest difference I see studying the manuals is the TD-12 offers 3 bands of EQ instead of 2. Will the "updated" sounds and improved processors/converters of the TD-12 make THAT big of a difference? I'm talking live gigs here (not recording), where the average bar patron does not know (nor care) whether my guitarist is playing his $12,000 PRS or a $500 Epiphone, or if I'm playing my Pearl Masters or a set of Pearl Exports. Is it worth the money?

Note: I plan to stick with Roland modules because I understand them. Because I carry a back-up module to gigs (a TD-10 non expanded), not sure I would want to go with the TD-11/15 etc. with the single plug at the module.