Modifying my DW 3000


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So recently I bought a used Pearl Eliminator single pedal. I love it. I can play much smoother, faster and easier with it. My other pedal is a DW 3000. When I switch back to the DW I notice I have trouble getting the same speed and smoothness as my Pearl. I know its probably just because my leg isn't used to the heavier feeling 3000 but I started wondering if it was the beater weight.

To test this, I decided to put the Pearl beater on the 3000 and noticed the DW started feeling lighter and smoother. Would getting a lighter beater for my 3000 make a noticeable difference

I have also been thinking of replacing the hinge on my 3000 as it has begun to rattle and I was told by the drum salesman at GC that the only difference between the 3000 and 5000 is the delta hinge, which can be installed on the 3000.

Lastly, I was thinking of swapping out the chain and cam on the 3000 and replacing it with a belt driven system to make it even lighter and smoother. Cam and belt

Has anyone had experience with any of these modifications with their 3000? Or even with putting a belt drive on their 5000?


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I guess not many people have the 3000. How about any 5000 owners? Have you ever put a lighter beater on with good results? Have you converted a 5000 to a strap drive?

My other option is to sell my 3000 and get another used Eliminator, P-120 or P900


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I have a few 5000s, some with the bearing hinge and some without, the ones with are smoother and feel tighter. I have not tried other beaters but it is an easy swap.
I love the chain, so I have not messed with that either.

I would put the pearl pedal and the dw side by side, adjust and test until you get it