Modern Heavy Metal Snares vs. 1980 Tama Bell Brass


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Amazing collection!

What snare do you play the most?

Which snare is your favorite?

(both questions can have a different answer, haha)
Thanks IBitePrettyHard!
My favorite is my Joyful Noise TKO 14X5 and I play it often. I also use my Joyful Noise Luminary 14X6.5 often.
Of course, the vintage Mastercraft Bell Brass posted earlier is also among my favorites.

Steady Freddy

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I know you can't include 'em all, but I'd like to hear the DW thick rolled metal shells compared to some of these heavy cast shells.

The DW is tuned lower so it's not the greatest comparison. That said, the DW is $800.00 and the Tama, if you can find one, is in the at least three to four times that much.

Steady Freddy

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Those A&F drums are really starting to grow on me. Along with VKs, Keplingers.............................. I need another job. LOL