Modern Drummer cease shipping Print issues outside the USA


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Finally got an answer back (and a refund for this years subscription, which was 6 months Print issues received)

They've ceased shipping Print issues outside the USA,
I have no interest in paying for an online subscription, so that's me done with them
Had been an MD reader/subscriber since 1986

If I need my Drum information online i can get better info here......

If you subscribe to MD and live outside the USA ask for a refund now and you'll get it.
End of an era for Modern Drummer magazine



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I never got that answer but only that it was to expensive to ship a single copy outside of the USA as cost raised up, I told them that is not my problem as I paid for foreign shipping and I demanded them to now turn my subscription into the digital one till my subscription expires which they did. So till April next year I will get the digital copy but after that I wont subscribe anymore as they could have send a general message saying what the reason are for not shipping outside of the US no more


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I’ve not been able to get my hands on a single issue since around March 2020 here in the UK

A shame but I’ve found I’ve not really missed it, the longer time has gone on.

I’ve no interest in digital magazines, tried it and didn’t like relying on my iPad to read a magazine.

Nevermind. Hope to pick up an issue sometime in the future but it’s not looking good for them at the moment.

Bo Eder

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Sad. I remember as they slowly progressed from quarterly, to bi-monthly, then to monthly and that took seven years!

this is what we get when people stop buying books and magazines 😕


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yeah sad, and kinda says to all us print customers 'you're next'.
This will not improve their readership numbers.


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I used to go into books a million and get a mag. Every month and since covid hit they stopped getting. It .i would check back every once and a while but gave up