Modern Drummer back issues


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Hey all, i was wondering if there was anywhere i can get back issues of modern drummer magazine? Or maybe just scans of the articles i want to read.
Im looking for the october 2005 issue "derrick plourdes 9 greatest beats"
december 2006 issue with the interview with thomas pridgen and mars volta transcriptions
and the issue with zach hill on the cover, dunno when thats from
Thanks if anyone finds them for me :D


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You can get them from Modern Drummer. There's always an ad somewhere in the mag for them. I would imagine the website has it too.


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problem is with ordering the back issues is theyre from america so i dunno what the delivery would be like to the UK, wether it will end up being 20 quid or something haha...
i would love it if anyone has the october 2005 issue of modern drummer and could scan the derrick plourde transcriptions :D :(


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Postage for the modern drummer back issues will be near enough 20 quid to the uk...dont think im gonna be buying them like ahaaaa
and sorry for the misleading post name :p


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Modern drummer sells a DVD that is like a digital archive of all the modern drummer issues up until 2002 i think.
You talking about the Modern Drummer Digital archive and it is WAY cool! Even if you have the issues, you can find what you're looking for quick in the archive and the go grab the issue! Check out their website!