Mixing hi hats


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I have been using 14" paiste sigs hats for the past 2 years and though I love them occasionally I would like something darker.. That great glassy paiste sound I feel in love with as a teenager I think at times can be a bit much with the sig line. I decided to get a K top to mix with my sig bottom.... I was just wondering if anyone else has done this? Or any other mixes you have tried?Got the K for $69 that was what made me decide more then anything was a great price. Hope to have it by weeks end.


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I have two pairs of hats - New Beats and A Custom Mastersounds. I've been partial lately to putting the NB top over the AC MS bottom, and on my x-hat (which I don't use very often) is the AC top over ther New Beat bottom.

I used to play a NB top over a QB bottom. That was a great combo.

I think you can get a lot of great pairings when you experiment like that, and obviously there are no rules, so I wouldn't worry about mixing brands.


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Here's something 'wierd -and-off-the-wall' that I tried on the recommendation of a friend which I thought wouldnt work and turned out great.

A 16" china crash bottom and the thin 16" crash on top.

Dont knock it if you dont try it ; )



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For many years, I used to play and record with a Paiste bottom hat and Zildjian top hat. As long as the cymbals are good quality, I think it sounds great.