Mixing a Kit?


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I was thinking about it, and I was wondering if it is common for people to mix and match different drums to get the perfect sound for their kit. Almost like how you would get a Zildjian K dark crash, and a Sabian HH dark ride etc. Except i was thinking in drum... Like if you like the sound of a Sonor bass drum, and a DW maple floor, with a Mapex birch tom tom. And now especially with the DW Specialized Shell Construction, i as wondering if it would become more predominant. Thanks


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I've done this for several recording gigs...Ludwig 28" or Slingerland 26" kick, 10" DW tom, 12" Gretsch tom, 14" Ludwig floor tom, 16" DW floor tom, and any snare that would fill out whatever sound spectrum the tune is going for.

As for playing live, I've played "jellybean" kits before, and people seem to dig kits like that. I used to play a blue sparkle kick drum, silver sparkle floor tom, red sparkle rack tom, and a green or gold sparkle snare. They were all Ludwigs (except for the gold snare) with 3-ply shells, but they obviously weren't a matched set. Man, I don't know why I got rid of the kick drum and rack tom, come to think of it...


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Like Caddy mentioned, it's very common in the studio to mix up drums.

Many of the top studio players go to a session with a variety of gear and mix or match to suite the particular session. Live, most people want the look of one kit, but still, I've seen people mix and match on stage as well.


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Here is my latest mixed up kit.
I took the snare and bass drum from my Pearl Rhythm Traveler and I added some ddrum duo fade maple toms that I won on eBay.
It worked great! I love it.