Mix Matching great drummers with famous artists/bands


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There are some very great drummers or clinicians that don't play with really catchy music artists/bands that I'd love to see playing with and I was thinking about a few different drummers in mind with certain artists.

So here's my list....

Jojo Mayer playing for Usher, would he be too busy or would he adapt a laid back pocket beat and make people want to dance and just go off in tasteful disciplined segments, in a similar way to Aaron Spears?

Derek Roddy playing for Linkin Park, would he enjoy taking a vacation from being a super fast alien drummer and just playing a foundational supportive role in a band that utilizes a somewhat mix of rock band with DJ rap and electronic percussion along with a regular drummer?

Steve Gadd with Rush....would he give up his laid back incredible pocket to be an almost like machine like sounding drummer like Neal Peart?

Travis Barker playing for The Dave Mathews Band, would love to see how he would fill Carter Beaufords shoes. The heavy syncopation and hi hat work Carter does is incredible, so how would travis fill those shoes?

I know I'm going from one extreme to the other on these comparisons but It would be so interesting to see the drummers I mentioned mixing with bands/artists on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Would be nice to hear your own personal mix matches too.