Mistakes in Alan Dawson's Rudimental Ritual

Swiss Matthias

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Anybody else worked through the rudimental ritual book?
I believe in the ritual itself there are some writing mistakes.
Has anybody thought so too?


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I've worked the ritual but didn't find any writing mistakes on it, I have the John Ramsay version that its on his book. If you could be more specific of wich measures are you talking about maybe I could help

Swiss Matthias

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Thanks Funka - absolutely! I looked through the ritual (John Ramsay version, too),
I hope I haven't forgot anything. So here's my take (from context):

P. 13, m. 75/76: the right hand lead is illogical to me.

m. 84: The Accents on 2 and 4 are wrong.

P. 16, m. 191 to the bottom of the page: bad layout...

P. 19, m. 313/314: illogical; 313 should be the same as 314 (without triplets) to me.

P. 23, m. 407: Accent missing
There's definitely one spot where there's a VERY difficult switch from one to another and I think it isn't super practical. Can't remember where but yes there's at least one spot that I make up my own version for.

It's a great ritual though

Swiss Matthias

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Because there are some clear mistakes (accents) for sure, when there are
other things that seem strange to me, I actually don't trust the book to
have them gotten right either...
Yes, i.e. at the end of the (first) sixtuplet session. Me too, I change the sticking
slightly at the end.
Yep that's it!

Also the Flammadiddlediddle is probably my least favorite point. I cheat and swap the stickings of the flams and the rest of the rudiment flows much nicer. I've had students who have no problem tearing through that one but for some reason there's a hole in my brain where I can get that one to any sort of reasonable speed.

One thing I like about the ritual is how revealing it is of your flaws.
The half note in measure 98 is wrong, it should be a quarter tied to a quarter on beat 2, where the roll actually ends.

The transition between m 226 and 227 is ridiculous, there should be some break to transition the sticking, unless the tempo is very slow.