Miss Them So Much


Well three weeks ago I had to sell my Drums for both financial reasons and playability. I'll be moving in with my uncle at the end of the month and I would have been unable to take them (more than likely unable to take them to my next apartment too).

It's been so long, and I look DAILY where my drums used to be (my living room) and miss them terribly. I've been practicing Rudiments on my Practice Pad but it just doesn't cut it, I NEED drums!

Have any of you had to go through withdrawal? If so, how did you cope?


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Yes. My Zickos kit was stolen in November. I miss them every time I see them in my avarar (I know, change my avatar). At least I still get to play and I am replacing them. It's just not the same, though.


That's awful. At least I got to say goodbye to them, I could never imagine someone stealing drums, who would do such a thing.

I too use a picture of my Drums for my MSN Display Picture, it sure doesn't help but I can't seem to change it :(


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You know what though, there's a hidden benefit here. Get yourself a bass practice pad if you don't have one, maybe another pad or two, and show yourself how much you love playing the drums. I spent the last year living in a top-floor flat with a downstairs neighbour who worked at home, so I could hardly even play my practice pads. It focuses the mind! If you really want to play the drums, prove it! Opportunities will come your way if you are in the right space to see and take advantage of them. Don't let your circumstances dictate your life to you.