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I know I've been posting a million solos, and haven't really commented much on others, but I've had a technique breakthrough, in the sense that I think I've figured out what's been plaguing me, technique-wise, for many years now, and wanted to post a video. My playing, for me, has become much free, and not so full of thought, again, technique-wise. There isn't much musicality, at all, in this solo, because I just wanted to rip out some fast singles and doubles, because I now can, whereas before, I just couldn't get the stick to bounce, and my playing was all tight, including my strokes. I just learned, conceptually, to try and let the stick bounce, which is normal, but I got so obsessed for a while with having a perfect stroke, that I ended up stifling the movement of the stick, and getting tendonitis, which was very depressing. I think I finally realized why I was doing all this, and hopefully now, can start practicing in a productive manner. I would really like some critique on anything, technique-wise. Once I start getting it back together, I'll post something more musical, that hopefully you can enjoy a little more. Thanks for watching.


There's two solos here. One longer and one very short.


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