Millenium MPS-750 no sound from headphone jack


New member

I bought a Millenium MPS-750 second hand at the set was working fine.

Then for some reason I decided to reset the module to factory settings and then the problem was born. Now the previously working set doesn't output any sounds through the headphone jack. I've been looking at the settings and trying different options but nothing seems to work. The problem isn't just that I cannot hear the sounds of the drums, but even the metronome and the pre-programmed sample songs are silent.

Connecting the module with USB to the computer and having EZ drummer installed works as I can hear the drums with that option.

So to me this seems like a firmware issue as I doubt that resetting the module to factory settings would make the headphone jack totally silent? Tried contacting Thomann but as I'm the second owner of the set, they refused to troubleshoot the issue. Couldn't also find any firmware updates available on the internet.

Has anyone met this kind of problem or do you have any thoughts about my next steps?

Thanks in advance.