Milestone reached :D


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Hey guys (and gals!), I am sorry I have neglected you guys for so long! I admit it was foolish of me :( Anyhow, thought I would fill in as to what has been happening:

1) The Blues Band
Well, we had one of those moments most bands have: Neighbor complains to council about it being too loud. Unfortunately my singer is a very tall bloke with no patience and aggravated the situation to police levels by being "threatening". In the end I stepped in and all was sorted thankfully. But just goes to show that just talking things through can go SUCH a long way in these situations.

2) Double Bass
Well most of you remember that I have fallen arches and chicken toed which meant that double bass drumming was VERY painful a lot of the time. However, in my time away I had some special insoles made for me which in turn allowed me to give it a shot. And for the first time I am able to do double bass! Baby steps of course at the moment, I do not want to cause any serious damage. My first song I learnt was Keine Lust by Rammstein, which was minimalistic double bass but a great starter. And then I learnt Ghost love score by nightwish, my first forray into straight double bass as it were. Again after some perseverance I managed it, and is now one of my fav songs to play on the drums. And now I am tackling end of all hope by nightwish and wish to go to planet hell by nightwish. If I can master those then I will be VERY happy in what I was able to accomplish in short time with my issues.

3) Drum Kit
Yep, I kept saying I would, and now I will, make my own kit. After lots of thought and after trying a GMS Revolution snare. decided I want to try that on a grander scale. So my kit will be a 7 ply kit. Outer 4 plies birch, 2 plies of poplar and inner ply of aluminium. Can't wait!

Any other questions please ask :