Miledge Muzic Montage


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Montage from the coming CD - Miledge Music, Vol.1, Despise Not the Day of Small Beginnings. Instrumental. Free-form, though not free of form. Composition on the fly, I like to call it. Jam band with a purpose. It's like a sound track with no movie. Pretty much fusion, rock, ambient, funk, jazz, experimental, etc. Pretty eclectic, I guess. We start, we stop, it there, warts and all. It's honest in that way. We like that. It's tweaked, too.

I'm pretty excited about this. It's just guitar and drums. It works for us. The first session for CD begins a progression of how the project has gone over the last two years. Another 8 CDs to follow if things work out, employing various concepts for the sessions as we moved along. Tom is not a flame thrower. No fretboard fireworks, as I call them. He's into chords and textures and exploration of sound, along with technique. I love his gadgets all over the floor.

We have used a very simple 2 overheads, kick mic for everything. I love the sound. Just sounds natural to me. Especially when we moved to my big set at my house, where we added a Jecklin disk. Worked fantastic. The first sessions were recorded at Tom's studio. His drums. Each session got better, too, for drum sounds. I learned a lot.

The montage is from the two tracks on the CD - Lunch in the Oort Cloud, and Dances with Dinosaurs.

Comments appreciated.
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