Mikkey Dee


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I love this drum solo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLtmeOdG2xc I can't work out if the point from 20secs till 30 secs is singles on doubles?

I guess Mikkey Dee/Motorhead aren't a band that would reach the same heights as others, I kinda like that though, you can go to a show and actually 'see' the band rather than just watch them on the venues massive screen.

Anyone else a Mikkey Dee fan? I've seen motorhead a few times now. They tried to know my kidneys out with shear volume at the Hammersmith apollo, I think this was the loudest concert I have ever been too! Thankyou to Vic Firth for making decent ear plugs!


Mikkey Dee is one of the very finest Hard Rock drummers out there!

Motorhead is also one of the very finest Hard Rock bands ever, but most folks either love em or hate em. Not much in between.

I was very fortunate to see them at Celebrity Theater here in Phx, from about 12 rows back. LOUD and BADASS!!! I think Lemmy's moles amplify the band's sound just that little bit more ...


I guess Motorhead aren't a band that would reach the same heights as others
Are you having a laugh?

Motörhead have been one the top rock bands in the world for a good number of years now and don't seem to be slowing down any.

Both Mikkey Dee and Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor shredded the drumsets to within an inch of their lives and are amongst the best in the world at their craft!


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I'm glad you also hold them in high regard, but you're mistaken if you're thinking that there aren't bigger bands out there in terms of records sold/attendance records/size of venues.

That's what I was getting at, not at how much their fans love them.


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I saw Mikkey with Motorhead once. It was amazing how much energy and stamina he had, playing fast and intense song after song with no letting up.

I was also surprised when I met him how short he is. He looks so much bigger sitting behind his drums set.


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Yes, just because he's Swedish. He's a good drummer.
But unfortunatley I'm not into that kind of music. Motorhead just sounds the same on every tune. Sorry.