Mike Portnoy's Dream Plays Out; Gavin Harrison, Stanton Moore


If you already know this info, then I apologize. I tried to search so as not to post anything twice.

At any rate, Mike Portnoy won DRUM! Magazine's "Best Drummer and "Best Metal Drummer" and placed behind Gavin Harrison, who won "Best Progressive Drummer."

In my mind, this is great news to see these drummers FINALLY getting recognition in The Drummies.

Addtionally, Stanton Moore won "Best Funk Drummer."

And, of course, this forum came in second, in the website category.

For a complete listing of all the winners, visit www.drummagazine.com/drummies

Have a great day. Please don't hurt me if you know this already.


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Mike's been getting lots of recognition from these magazine awards. So I dunno about finally.... lol. In the Modern Drummer Readers Poll (I think) he won best drummer like 13 years in a row or something.

And Gavin & Stanton are actually pretty well known in the drumming community, but still congrats to them for winning!



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The modern drummer polls didn't have a funk category. I thought there was a page ripped out of my magazine when I saw it! No funk category? Outrage!