Mike Mitchell


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I listened to the first clip of him playing with Stanley on A Brazilian Love Affair. I like his playing there for the most part. He's got monster chops. But he also showed a smooth and deft touch. I've seen him live at The Blue Note in NYC a few years ago with my teenage son. My son loved him. But I wasn't as drawn in. He had to be about 18 or 19 when I saw him so his playing may have reflected his age at the time. But I found him to be far too busy and far too frenetic for the music. And listening to the clip I realized something else. He's playing small drums. Stanley Clarke's drummers like Gerry Brown played bigger drums and I felt they matched the music he was playing. Toms with a deep and long sustain. When Mitchell hits his toms they just go "dink". Now, that could just be the sound on that clip. I've got to listen to some more of his recent playing before I come to any conclusions. But with his chops, he can really grow into something special.