Mike Clark Interview, The Trap Set

Check out our interview with the legendary Mike Clark, of The Headhunters, Betty Davis, Brand X, etc.

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Stay tuned! We have upcoming interviews with: Butch Norton, Steven Adler, Dave Lombardo, Patty Schemel, Jeff "Tain" Watts, Bermuda, and many more!

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Cool talk about a "collective conscious" I was just watching a bunch of Mike Clark videos and interviews. I love the one he talks about Tony Williams asking him to come over and play for him. He said he saw the yellow kit and Tony told him to play. He did and said he couldn't help but add in Tony licks which Tony stopped him and told him "don't play like me play that funky stuff you play" awesome story and then other anecdotes where he ran into Tony at a convenience store, etc. Mike Clark I dig.


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Great stuff, Joe - going to listen to the Brendan Canty interview next, looking forward to catching up on all the other previous ones too - yet another thing to distract me from work!


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Looking forward to checking this out. I was just shedding "Actual Proof" so great timing!

Ah, for real, no pun intended there.


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I love that "funky" jazz style of Clark. I note he really keeps his drum stick height short-something I've always done. I've noted so many drummers with really dynamic and large stick heights it is something I considered a weakness and I have worked on larger stick heights. After watching him i'm not sweating it so much now.


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Great interview.

So ironic that the Headhunter/Hancock days are not to him a style he feels much connection with. Yet, to me, that represents the pinnacle of his playing career.

Love his other stuff (Wolff & Clarke especially), but he absolutely laid it down with authority in the 70s with his blend of funk and jazz and catchy beats.