Midlife stick crisis!


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I am a mainstream rock drummer/ country rock drummer. Not a heavy hitter, but like that solid sound. I've used hundreds of different size and brand sticks over the years, and I have found and used Vater's Concert Maple nylon tip for the past 5 years and love them.

Lately, I've been hearing things about Pro Mark (not to mention that a lot of Huge name artists use them) and am wondering if I could better my stick choice to match my style.

I am very rudimental. I've studied marching corps style for 5 years, and I use mostly wrist with double and triple sticking techniques with my fills and solos. Lots of paradiddles, flams, drags, etc.

I like the Vater because of the light stick and heavy sound. The size fits my hands nicely. Anyone suggest either a Pro Mark, or Vic Firth that would be a good one to try out for my style? My biggest concern is the neck. I just don't want it to snap after a few songs!