Midlife Crisis: Back to Pearl?


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I have owned lots of drum sets, sold just about everything but kept a Pearl MCX. Great drums! My first two kits were Pearl (Forum series and Apollo). I guess I'm likewise back to where I started! 😊


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Pearl Masters... I have a set on order. The color choices for this year are not as great as in years past.

My mid-life crisis has been an ongoing thing for about 15 years now.

Every man deserves a muscle car!

What finish did you order?


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I don't want to hijack this thread, but you folk are correct. Yes the design is printed on the wood before the finish is applied.

We can chat about how ugly it is, or isn't in another thread. When it gets delivered I'll make a proper NDD post.

That NDD post will ring a bit hollow if @C.M. Jones isn't around to be a cheerleader for me. I do hope he's just on vacation.
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I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this “phenomenon,” but I’m finding myself being strangely pulled back to the first drum company set I played.

In high school in the eighties, I got my first ever drum set, a black Pearl Export. After years of playing that kit, I eventually got to play some higher end kits, and I grew to dislike Pearl mainly because of their tom mounts, which I hated in the eighties (there was no way to position a 10x12 tom over a 22 kick comfortably!).

Now, nearing my fifties, I’m finding myself being drawn back to Pearl. Looking at 20/14/12 kits in Reference, Masters Maple Complete, MRV.

Is there a medical explanation for this?

I'm a little younger, but i started out on Exports as well and had a soft spot for Pearl ever since. I 'strayed from the path' when i sold my Exports and used my other kit at that time (an Osan Runner) for over a decade. When it started to fall apart, i was about to set on a Tama Swingstar set when i spotted a Pearl Vision VBA kit in the limited Dynamite Burst wrap finish. At that moment i forgot about the Tama and a day later ordered the Pearl. Over the years still was looking at Pearl kits and dreamt of a pro kit like a Masters or Reference. Only thing i was bummed out by was that Pearl dropped the Session line (at that time before reintroducing it later) and a birch Masters variant, but the Vision was close enough.

Didn't regret it and was my main kit for 2 years or so before i got my current kit. I read a lot about drummers playing other brands and coming full circle again after years when start using the brands they started out on. From what i read purely nostalgic reasons and that those brands 'have that familiar sound'. I'm still being 'attracted' to a full Paiste setup and using Aquarian heads again, but very happy with the cymbals and heads (Remo) i have now.

Old Dog new Cans

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I sought out a blue sparkle Crestline 5-piece, it was GORGEOUS! But I couldn't bring myself to pay what they were asking. Close to $700 for an early 70s MIJ, so-so kit.

I was very single minded when I started drumming. I'm much more open now. I have no loyalties.


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Yes, get it scheduled right away. Let us know once you’ve picked up the red sports car and introduced your children to their new mom.

That reminds me of Bill & Ted, when His father marries the very young "Missy". 🤣