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Hi everyone. My name is Jeff and I'm a middle-aged-rookie-drummer. Had toy drums as a kid, but my parents pushed me in other directions: football, outdoors, etc. - which was great and alot of fun - but I've always wanted to play the drums.

Years go by ( I'm 48 now ) and this Christmas I get some money from my parents and relatives. What to do with $175? My wife thought I was nuts when I told her I bought a tabletop e-drum set up on Amazon.

The truth was I was just going to buy some sticks and a practice pad to "test the waters" of whether I really wanted to try drumming or not. I'm musically inclined, but no prodigy or anything like that. Anyway, long story short, a month later I found a used Ludwig kit for $200 and bought it. A week after that I saw the same used kit in much better condition and bought that one, too. :) LOL ( I have ADHD and I tend to jump in with both feet on anything.)

So, I've promised the wife I'll sell the first set which has busted heads and some pitting and such.

I'm enjoying owning the drums, but I live in an apartment right now and can't play them. I've got the Vic Firth pads coming though, so soon I'll be able to practice on the real thing. It's a low-end kit, I know - but it will be Ok to learn on I figure. Right now I'm just watching Drumeo and other videos and learning about drums and tuning them, playing, etc.

I wish I'd been playing my whole life, but I guess you can't go back and beg a little harder as a 12-year-old for "REAL drums." ( Mine always had Mickey Mouse on them - I mean, I was like 3. LOL )

So anyway, that's me. I live in North Georgia, I like drumming to 80's rock and I can't wait to get into a house again so I can really let it rip.

Lastly, a funny thing:

I feel like I should have been doing this all along. After getting my sticks and playing the e-drum for a while I noticed that when I'm in the truck listening to music I am almost always tapping out the snare and bass. I even tend to add "fills" with extra fingers when they come in. I guess I've been practicing my whole life in a way - but now to REALLY learn to play. That's my goal this year and I have so much to learn!

I have already been reading alot here and I appreciate the tone of this forum and the attitudes I see here. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you and someday giving back to the drumming community myself.

Rock on.

Jeff (jeepguy88)


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Well done Jeff - playing any instrument at any level is such a great thing in life. Good on you for following your heart. I'm sure the effort will bring you great joy ( and others) and of course some frustration along the way. Best wishes


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Thanks for the welcome, guys.

Yes, my wife has already put an ultimatum out about me spending more money on drum stuff.


Hey Jeff, I'm about in the same boat as you except I'm 62!

I'm enjoying my first set of real drums and loving every minute of it!!!


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Welcome to DW and drumming-a life long journey of fun and learning. Everyone loves drumming-I always note playing with orchestras and bands and audience-you'll note other musicians or audience start drumming on their knees or air drumming-everyone wants to be a drummer. You don't see a lot of air-brass or air-violin or air-keys like air-drummers LOL. Regarding your kit-Really unless it's a child's toy kit any beginner kit is a pretty good bargain nowadays. I played a Pearl Forum kit for a decade before I gave it away-it sufficed. DW is a great resource to learn-a number of beginners have marked their journeys by making video recordings of their playing to post- and have made astonishing progress.


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That is a great post. I'm gonna tease my trumpet playing wife about the lack of "air trumpeters." :) LOL thanks. I don't want any of you guys to see me playing though. It's pretty rough. No one may talk to me after something like that. I think for now I'll just do alot of listening here and try to learn as much as I can. :)

thanks everyone.


Welcome - you aren't alone, trust me. I'm not a rookie, but I'm 58 and haven't played regularly in nearly 30 years. I just bought a new drumkit a week ago.


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Hey Jeff! I think it's awesome you got started up with it, and it's never too late.

My own story with drumming was a long one. In middle school and high school I messed around on the drum kit in the school band room a bit, and I was always able to play basic grooves and fills. It was something I'd always wanted to pursue a bit more, but life has a way of getting in the way. I became an Army bandsman on my primary instrument, which is trumpet, but drums didn't come along until I was 33 years old.

The short story is that a friend of mine was doing a church plant near me, and couldn't find a drummer for his praise team. I knew I could do basic rock beats, so I borrowed some drums from a friend, learned the 5 songs necessary for the launch service, and agreed to play until he could find a "real" drummer. 3 weeks later, I was digging it so much, I went out and bought a setup - I gave myself a budget of $1000 for everything.

That was in 2003, and it has evolved from there. I upgraded my equipment to a point I'm happy with, and I do a fair amount of subbing around in various churches - praise team drumming is what I typically do.

This is a service I drummed just a couple of weeks ago.


(disclaimer - some of the drumming may sound odd, but I was just trying to copy/duplicate the intent from the original recordings.)

Jump in with both feet, push yourself, learn all you can, and find a performance outlet ASAP - there's nothing like the pressure of performing to bring your chops up to the next peg or two.



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I started playing 10 years ago after a 32 year lay off. I am now 70, as of yesterday, and I say press on. Find out where it takes you.