Mid-to-upper level Double Bass Pedal Comparison


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Awesome - looking forward to them arriving any day now.
When you get them, put the stock driveshaft on first. Take your left hand and grab the cam on the slave pedal and hold it still. Take your right hand and move the left beater forward and backwards. There will be a slight bit of play. Now put the Trick driveshaft on and repeat the test. You will see exactly where your money went. Its friggin lovely.


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You need to try them yourself. It's the only way to get an accurate fit. Kinda like buying a pair of shoes. Just because I prefer Pearl doesn't mean it'll work for you. If you're looking at DW, forget the 3000 and go for the 5000 series. BUT try it first.
You HAVE to hit a local shop (that has a variety), sit down & work them feet!

When I was looking for a double pedal set, everyone was like, "Get a 9000!"
Yet I found the 5000 (to them a downgrade) was a better feel for what I would use them for after I tried them both out.

Had I not tried them out first, I wouldn't have known the difference.