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So i just had my first practice session recording myself playing, and damn! While the 1's and 2's are spot on with the click, the e's and a's are all over the place! It gives the feeling like i am either rushing or dragging the beats slightly, depending on where they are inconviniently placed in the beat. Is there any way i can correct this?
I began by setting my metronome at 30bpm 8th notes and just followed the click with as much concentration as possible for five minutes, i had a feeling this would work if i done it regularly but it was boring as hell. I will post audio up of me playing when i have the time tommorow. Thanks :)


Iv'e had the same problem! Iv'e had it worse Iv'e spotted some micro timing issues on a recording wev'e done and it kills me everytime I hear it.
The engineer/producer won't fix it either. He's one with thinking slipping like that is a good thing etc. I on the other hand think that's the case with some music but not the case with the pop rock band Im in.
What' Iv'e done that does a help a lil bit is playing any tempo between 60 to 80bpm and trying to play even transitions between quarters and 8th and 16th's and triplets etc.
Just getting the feel accurate without having to count. Once it get's boring do the same thing but with beats or a little drum solo.
Hope this helps.


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I had a similar "please stop soloing the drums in the mix" moment last night too after doing a little test recording. Nobody said anything but I found it truley embarressing. I forgave myself a little bit because I wasn't warmed up at all and it was my first time playing this track to a click - and fortunately it wasn't a proper take, we were just working on the drum sound in general.

Oddly when mixed with the track and reverbed a bit it doesn't seem nearly as bad, but I know its there and its really annoying!

My first thought was a weekend of playing basics grooves to a click and recording them, and also just trying to loosen up more and use bigger motions.

I say a weekend, but I can see this becoming a very regular practise thing..

One side note - when I've listened back to reasonably good gig camcorder recordings, this problem doesn't seem to be there, or if it is to a much lesser degree (excluding the odd late hit where I've nearly screwed up).

Anyway good luck getting it sorted.


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Hey thanks!
i will be going through that thread tommorow like, its wierd cuz technically that wasnt my first time ive recorded my drumming, ive recorded quick videos of grooves ive came up with and listened back to them and thought "Damn thats tight!" And been quite proud how accurate and smooth my rolls were, and even recieved some compliments around them. So i find it strange that a few months later im having this problem, i dunno ive been tired so maybe its just a bad week? ill see :D


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A thing that helped me is when I am practicing (or recording in your case) set the metronome to click 8th notes instead of quarter notes. Simple as that...