Microphone/Recorder for practice recording


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I'm searching for a decent mic to record myself practicing. Easy to use, decent sound quality, preferably not more than 200€/$. With no real idea of what makes a good mic and so many seemingly decent offerings I feel a bit lost...


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I use a Tascam 40X which is pretty great. Two built in mics, you can also add two more for four tracks total.
I hear Zoom is good too.
These handheld recorders range from $100 on up, but you can get a decent enough one for $200 easy.
And they travel everywhere with you easily.
This unit has been invaluable for bringing to a rehearsal with a new group and capturing their arrangements to be able to quickly learn their sets.
Recording gigs, practice, etc...
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USB connection (costs less than thunderbolt), to a 4-channel interface with decent mic preamps. Presonus, Focusrite, etc., all make them.
Decent small diaphragm condenser mics overhead with mic boom* & cables.
Shure SM57 mic for snare, with stand & cable.
A mic for use specifically for a bass drum (e.g., EV N/D868), with stand & cable.

*To save money when I first started recording myself, I used one stand with boom/arm with a stereo mic bracket.


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I use a Zoom H2N which does a fantastic job - set it on a tripod hit record and its perfect every time (for capturing all instruments clearly with no distortion). It has up to 4 channels, but I generally use the XY facing option - in one direction - to block out the crowd noise. Super easy and compact - amazing sound quality under severe conditions (like on the floor between 2 monitors on a loud stage!)

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I tried it with my phone, but it doesn't pick up the bass drum, the highs from the crashes are overpowering. I'm searching for a good all around combination of mic and recorder.
I have an iPhone XR, and when I wan to do a quickey recording that’s decent, I use the Shure MOTIV microphone for iOS and it sounds really good