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Hey fellow drummer all over the world!

My name is Mick. I was born in 1969 in Cologne, Germany. I play the drums since over 30 years.

My early musical influence: IRON MAIDEN, Van Halen, Dio, Whitesnake, Rainbow, Accept, Helloween, KISS, AC/DC, Chastain, The Rods, Saxon. Also Police, Billy Idol, Robert Palmer, Frankie goes to Hollywood, ABC, Spandau Ballet, Grace Jones + some Funk and black music à la Grandmaster Flash, Prince, Commodores, Earth, Wind & Fire, Mothers Finest, Sheila E., Shannon, George Benson, KC & the Sunshine Band, Hot Chocolate.
You certain spotted: What a real crude mixture ;-)

My drummer heroes: Stefan Kaufmann (ACCEPT), Nicko McBrain, Alex Van Halen, Cozy Powell, Simon Phillips, Steve Smith, Todd Sucherman, Tommy Aldrige, Ingo Schwichtenberg (HELLOWEEN), Vinny Appice, Ian Mosley, Ken Mary (CHASTAIN), Ralf Gustke.

I was infected during the Musikmesse 1988 by the Sonor virus. I knew these awesome drums only from the amazing “the drummer´s drum” catalog. So I bought after this exhibition my first Sonor snare: a 8” x 14” Signature in Bubinga finish! In 1994 I bought my first Sonor Signature 5-piece kit.

During the further years I mutated from a drummer to a collector…!
Please consider, when you enjoy the pics, that I bought my first Sonor snare in 1988, and my last one in 2015. That collection is quasi my lifework!

See my "Sonor love story" in the “Your gear” section!

All the best!

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