Michael Caine [dubstep/electro free download]


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my band (live electronic dance music - drums/guitar/vox) will be releasing our first EP (for free) in April time once i get back from the states. this is just a little melody i started messing about with yesterday, which sort of grew into a little composition. and yes, that's my voiceover for jokes haha.

hopefully we'll be at a few of the european festivals this year if everything goes to plan.


oh btw this is what my Reaper file looks like encase anyone is interested in that sort of stuff.
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Toddy, a few dud links on Sound Cloud there.

The Heroin song is well with a groovy breakdown around 5 mins but I find it too random ... I'm not understanding the journey.

Having said that, I don't get doof doof so I'm maybe not the best one to comment, apart from recognising that you seem to be doing it well because it bugs me about the same as my nephew's techno does :)