MIc Position For Double Kick Pedal


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I'm having a real annoying "challenge" with how to best mic a double pedal.

My setup is a 16x22 kick w/ ported front,and I like the mic inside the kick as opposed to just inside the hole. Common sense tells me to aim the mic between the beaters & at the beaters. That seems to work in some rooms and not others. Then I have found (by accident cause' somebody kicked the stand) a useful sound to swing the boom all the way against the shell and that works in some rooms and not others.

So how do you guys mic your double pedals?


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If you want more click for defined dbl bass work, mic closer to the batter head. Want more boom, mic just outside the reso head. I have a Kelly Shu inside the bass with a D6 as close to the reso from the inside. I took a GOOD look at Neil's Time Machine kit at the NAMM show. (shoulda got a pic) he had a Kelly Shu with mic in the same position as mine so I guess that's a good thing.