Mic Cables...


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Always unplug the connectors by pulling on the connector housing and not the cable. Coil
the cables up in a nice circle when done and your cables will be trouble free for years. Avoid
stepping on the cables. Dittos to all above about a cheap soldering iron....maybe even learn
how to use an inexpensive volt-ohm meter for checking continuity etc.


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Neutrik XX series connectors are reliable and of the highest quality, particularly the NC3FXX-B and NC3MXX-B. For interference prone situations read up on Star-quad cables and check the different products, especially bulk cable, from manufacturers such as Canford Audio in the Uk, Belden, Canare, Van Damme, Gotham and Sommer. If you chose to make them up yourself go for batch production with thorough tinning and consider a low cost soldering station or higher cost from Xytronic. For non CE applications consider using old school lead / tin solder as it is still more reliable than lead free products that require higher temperatures; even the high cost lead free solders with higher %ages of silver. Van Damme and Sommer offer ready made cable manufacturing.


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10 odd years ago I bought a bunch of cables from Orange County Speaker Repair. It was like $40 for ten colored cables. They have the lower end Neutrik connectors on them. Years of abuse and I've had like one die on me. I have a handful of cables I made myself from Canare wire but those cheapies take a licking and keep on ticking.


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Neutrik makes some nice stuff but they also make some not-so-good stuff. Gotta be careful there. The same is true for other manufacturers. I came across some not so great Switchcraft 1/4" plugs a few years back. (In fairness, they could've been knock-offs. I was told they were Switchcraft but didn't see the stamp I'm used to.)

A final item, if anyone is thinking of making a mic snake, virtually all multi-pair cables use foil shields because they take up less space and are flexible. Also, the fact that there are several pairs inside the outer jacket lends strength to the whole package. Otherwise you'd wind up with a huge diameter snake.

Belden also makes a "French Braid" shield that they claim is the best of all worlds. I haven't tried it.