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I use a metronome app with in-ear monitors for personal use. I don't have custom ear molds, so my drums still get plenty of bleed-through. For live applications, I used to use the Boss DB-90 with a foot switch. All you have to do is turn the jogwheel to your BPM, and hit the foot switch and you're off to the races. I put my switch right beside kick drum pedal. I never accidentally hit it, and it made stopping and starting the click so much easier. You don't have to look over to the side and try to hit a button. You just tap your foot and your good to go.

This thread reminded me of Jason Bittner's drum solo back in 2005. Love how he used a metronome in his solo...and I don't even LIKE drum solos anymore.

Starts at 1:28:


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They're like metrosexuals. All decked out with the "look at me" persona and just sit around the garden swatting flies. Some hold baseball size rings to tie your horse to.


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I've lost track of my mid-80s Dr. Beat-- it's in a box somewhere. Now I just use whatever crappy freeware app is convenient. All I need is something that will give me a straight pulse below 40 bpm.


Polynome looks cool.

My favorite metronome app is Time Guru. The streamlined interface makes it easy to use as a basic click. If you want to be clever, it’s also quick to set up clicks that reflect odd meter/groupings, changing subdivisions, silent beats/bars, etc...Intuitive to use after a few minutes of messing around.

I used to own a Boss DR-770, which I used often to create bass loops, but I lost the power supply in a move and haven’t been able to justify replacing it, what with all the apps available now.


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I finally found a Tama Rhythm Watch in stock somewhere, ordered it, and it got here today. I picked it for ease of use, functions I'm likely to use vs. ones I'm not, and the fact that I hate apps on my phone and try to use it for as little as possible.

My thanks to all for their contributions on this thread.
I'm off to practice. :)


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What's yours?

I've been using the one I've used for ever as a bass player, but it's basically insufficient for use with drums. It's mostly okay with a pad, but, I want better. :)

Looking at the Tama Rhythm Watch for japanese plushies, but here open to suggestions.

What are you using? Dedicated met, app on a device, or...?

Thanks, all.
I use the online metronomes that I find on internet.


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To those using their phones for metronomes - you should take a loot at Synkd in addition:

It really evolves what a metronome can be - it allows some wonderful odd time and rhythm structure studies - polyrhthms, etc. - and there are pre-packaged studies from people like Anika Niles, etc. that are a real mind stretch. Stickings and subdivisions galore - amazing little tool.

Here's a great little video about it because I'm sure I"m not doing it justice haha:



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My local GC is out of stock on the Rhythm Watch (RW200), so looking elsewhere... in doing so, I am seeing reviews stating it is prone to failures.
Anybody support or refute this? I note they recently "improved" the model, is this an issue?
Mine has worked flawlessly for years.